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Get paid for your opinions.

We have a community of over 3,000 people generating consistent monthly income doing focus groups and getting paid for their say! 

A picture of Kimberly Joyful founder of paid for your say course.

Creator success story:
Kimberly Joyful on the power of Paying it Forward

Everyone has an opinion, why not get paid for it? 

What is Paid For Your Say?

Paid for Your Say is a comprehensive online course that teaches you how to participate in focus groups. I teach you what to say, but more importantly, what not to say to be qualified to participate. I have over 30 years of experience as a focus group participant. In this course I will share all of the secrets and tips that I have learned over the last 3 decades.

You will have access to over 75 market research companies and apps, a private FB group, and a Telegram chat group. I also offer one on one consultations for those needing a jumpstart for a fee. Companies will pay you for your opinion on advertising, new products, websites, the latest fast-food items, and more. 


If being paid an average of $75 per hour to give your opinion sounds interesting, then this is the course for you.

Everyone has an opinion, why not get paid for it? 

Making money through an additional stream of income.

The power of networking and word of mouth


I'm Kimberly, your teacher

A heaedshot of Kimberly Joyful

Hi there, I've always enjoyed making money through multiple streams of income and one of the most significant and profitable ways has been by participating in focus groups.  

am passionate about helping others reach their side income goals by sharing my knowledge of market research opportunities.


As a result of my 30 years experience as a focus group participant and  mystery shopper, I also have expansive networks that facilitate my reach in the focus group market. 


I am also a licensed real estate agent since 2007 and have been working in the real estate and mortgage industry since the early 90's. 

Creator success story:

Kimberly Joyful

on the power of Paying it Forward



What comes with my enrollment?


  • 90 minutes of step-by-step training, including how to find and sign up for opportunities. 

  • Access to a database of more than 100 verified companies that are eager to pay you for your opinions.

  • Access to a private online community where you can get answers to your questions, hear about current focus group needs and opportunities, learn from others’ experiences, and share your wins.



Not only will you learn the basics of how to find and sign up for opportunities, but I’ll also teach you all the tips, tricks, and keywords I’ve learned over the past 30 years of what to say and not to say to get qualified for these studies. 



Our 3,000 + member group chat filled with students who have also purchased the program all sharing ideas. 


Over 20 Zoom calls conducted with students yielding over 24 hours of essential content.

MEMBERS Members only Telegram and Facebook Groups.


Minimal Investment: 

Imagine making a minimal one time investment and seeing a return on this investment every single month!

Time Flexible: 

​Most companies conduct focus groups on Zoom calls. Easy, Fun and flexible!

No Skills Required: 

​If you have opinions and the internet, you have EVERYTHING you need to profit with Paid For Your Say.

Computer and cell phone required


An Unexpected Bonus

Smiling Portrait

It's actually really stimulating to think about the questions asked regarding products or services and then give my opinion. The satisfaction of being paid makes it all the more enjoyable!

Everyone has an opinion,
why not get paid for it? 

  • Promotes critical thinking                                       

  • Enhances public speaking confidence                          

  • Gives you a voice (your opinion matters)            

  • Build upon your tech skills                                    

  • Enhances organizational skills by clarifying concepts and ideas                                                

  • It is especially beneficial for teens to acquire and sharpen these skills                                            

  • Paid for Your Say earnings have allowed many to work from home,  fund long dreamt of adventures, start their own business, pay down and eliminate debt and much more

The Power of Networking


What is a focus group?

A research method that brings together a small or large group to answer questions in a moderated setting to provide feedback regarding a product, service, concept or marketing campaign. 


Why doesn't everyone do this?

Focus groups have been around for decades but luckily for us, not many people know about it. It is a field that is not heavily advertised and really based on word of mouth or "if you know, you know."


Will I have to pay anything to join these companies?

No. You should never be asked pay to get into a group.


How much money can I make?

That can vary widely. It is determined by the amount of work you are willing to invest.  


Do I have to go anywhere?

Not anymore!

Now, more and more market research companies are conducting focus groups 100% online.

Vlogger Recording Tutorial Video
Professional Woman

Everyone has an opinion, why not get paid for it? 


What They Say

Young Programmer
A picture of a women with a laptop computer and she is holding money.

"After years of being self employed as a "Digital Nomad", your program is the absolute best thing that I've ever invested in. The funny thing is, it's not even a business. I can't believe how fast someone can get their return on there investment back by just following the course and using the tools. Thank you!

Edward H. San Diego

Good morning! I enrolled just a few months ago and recently, added up all of my groups completed ... Over $2400! 

Sara J. New York City

My goal was $2,000 and I hit $2,085. Make no mistake you can bet there's folks in this group who've made even more. I joined last September and to date I've made $18,468.84 of which I would have never made if I were to have remained skeptical.  I still take the entire course every 90 days. All the answers are there. Thank you Kimberly for creating a great course that gives everyone regardless of education, skill level or background a chance to be an entrepreneur.

Monique P. Atlanta


I joined Paid for Your Say over a year ago and have made up to $4,000 in a month. All of this while residing abroad. Kim has consistently remained supportive, motivational and inspirational in my journey to tailor the program to fit my needs and enhance my experience. 

Melody T. - Dubai


I just want to take this time to thank Kim for a great opportunity. I have been with Paid for Your Say for a year and I have made a lot of money. I retired from my federal government job and its been a year and I am still paying my rent with Paid for Your Say. If you miss this opportunity, then you are missing out on a lot!

Dionne T. - MD


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